Services: Comprehensive expertise.

It’s your project. Your plan. Your vision. And yet you still need to find a trustworthy and competent expert who will meet your specific requirements with the same level of precision that large-scale industrial customers can expect. Not only do key customers and their projects need skills and experience, but also reliable project management. These factors can have an indirect influence on the success or failure of your project. An initial combination of precise planning and strict implementation allows you ultimately to accomplish your plans and goals, acquire innovation for your company and secure its place in the market.

This is where WENDE GmbH can helpOur company is specialized in the three core areas of cooling, air conditioning and M&C (measuring and control) and implements them with the utmost care, professionalism and expertise. With our ten years of professional experience serving major international customers, you can be sure that your project will be smoothly executed. Each manufacturing phase is based on your specifications and requirements for the completed project.

This applies to all of our services including our customer service,which is available 24 hours a day, days a week, free of charge. WENDE GmbH offers you tailored solutions of the highest quality.

Our work is your satisfaction, and your satisfaction is what matters to us.

Cooling, Air Conditioning, Measure & Control (M&C) Tailored to large-scale Clients
SERVICES & MAINTENANCE Custom-made Solutions
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Trained Experts

Our customer service technicians are highly trained specialists with many years of professional experience. Internal and external trainings allow them to keep their expertise up to date.

Flexible Department

Your system specifications are filed digitally and can be accessed at any time. We develop maintenance contracts adapted to your specific needs and define individual maintenance intervals.

24 h Service-Hotline

Our technicians are available around the clock, so so even very sensitive equipment in data centers or industrial areas with high security requirements are professionally supported.

Storage & Delivery

Wende offers storage of special filters and components: We are connected to a wide variety of manufacturers, so we can provide all required components  immediately. Special interest affairs are stored on request.

Remote Maintenance

The latest technologies allow us to provide remote maintenance via Internet. Parameters can be accessed whenever necessary, which means less service hours and a lower costs.

Certified Experts

Our customer service technicians are highly trained specialists with many years of professional experience. Internal and external training allows them to keep their expertise up to date.

Maintenance: Professional services

Proper maintenance is just as importance as careful planning,construction,assembly andcommissioning.It prevents damage and significantly extends the life cycle of the system.Our service technicians are available 24 hours a day to provide you with technical assistance, and our service hotline ensures that your systems are taken care of on the weekend. Tailored service contracts give you the lowest costs for your needs. All maintenance work is performed by our technicians with speed and care. Remote maintenance can also be performed by sending a remote request for the current systems data via a computer connection.

We also perform maintenance on systems built by other companies. Give us a call – we would be happy to advise you. WENDEGmbHbrings you the highest quality, from the first meeting to the design and commissioning of your data centre or industrial facilities – including unparalleled service.

In other words: Wende is a strong partner for your success.